Honda HR-V drivingIf you’re on the lookout for an amenity-rich crossover SUV, you may wonder which of the many models in the marketplace will offer the features you want most.

In comparing two popular crossovers, the 2017 Honda HR-V and the 2016 Nissan Juke, standard features found onboard each of these vehicles are plentiful; however, the Honda HR-V provides various standard amenities that the Nissan Juke does not.

Keep reading as we compare these two SUVs side by side. As you’re about to see, all crossovers are not created equal!

Outstanding Standard Features

In examining the features found onboard the Honda HR-V and the Nissan Juke, it quickly becomes clear that the HR-V delivers various standard amenities that do not come standard onboard the Juke; they are either not available at all or are only offered as optional upgrades.

Included among these, the Honda HR-V features standard Hill Start Assist, which helps prevent vehicle rollback when the HR-V is stopped on an incline. The Nissan Juke models do not offer a similar feature.

A Maintenance Minder system also comes standard onboard the HR-V, helping drivers stay on top of maintenance needs for the HR-V, such as oil changes, air filter replacement, spark plug replacement, etc. This is another feature the Juke models do not have.

The HR-V further has standard rear-seat heater vents to help ensure that backseat passengers stay just as comfortable as those sitting up front. Rear climate control vents are not offered onboard the Nissan Juke.

Other features that come standard in the HR-V but not the Juke include:

  • Telescopic steering wheel
  • Reclining rear seats
  • Blind-spot mirrors
  • Anti-theft stereo
  • Cargo-area tie-downs
  • Seatback storage and under-seat storage
  • Floor mats

Experience the Outstanding HR-V

To get a closer look at the 2017 Honda HR-V and its many outstanding amenities, head over to your nearest Hampton Roads Honda Dealers location or contact us today. A member of our team is standing by to answer all of your questions about the HR-V and then get you behind the wheel of this outstanding crossover for an unforgettable test drive!