2016 Honda PilotIf you’re among the many consumers who are looking for an outstanding SUV to call their own, you have likely wondered about the 2017 Ford Explorer’s passenger seating capacity and other roominess stats. After all, impressive spaciousness is one of the many attributes that attracts buyers to the SUV market.

Does the Explorer offer all the space you could want—or does a rival vehicle like the 2016 Honda Pilot bring more room to the table? Keep reading, and we’ll explore the space specs of the Pilot and the Explorer in detail to reveal the winning SUV.

Roomy Rivals

In terms of seating capacity, the Pilot wins out over the Explorer, accommodating a standard eight passengers while the Explorer can only seat seven.

The Pilot also delivers greater room for its passengers to stretch out in, featuring up to 153.1 cubic feet of passenger volume compared to just 151.5 cubic feet in the Explorer.

Getting down to details, headroom, hiproom, and shoulder room are also greater in the Pilot, which offers the following space stats:

  • Headroom: Up to 40.1 inches in the front row, up to 40.9 inches in the second row, and 38.9 inches in the third row.
  • Hiproom: 59.1 inches in the front row, 57.3 inches in the second row, and 44.6 inches in the third row.
  • Shoulder room: 62.0 inches in the front row, 62.0 inches in the second row, and 57.6 inches in the third row

In contrast, the Ford Explorer only outdoes the Pilot in terms of front-row headroom; in all other measurements, the Pilot reigns supreme.

The Explorer offers 41.4 inches of first-row headroom, 40.6 inches of second-row headroom, and 37.8 inches of third-row headroom. Hiproom in the Explorer is just 57.3 inches in the first row, 56.8 inches in the second row, and 40.7 inches in the third row. In terms of shoulder room, the Explorer offers just 61.5 inches up front, 61 inches in the second row, and 50.8 inches in the third row.

Cargo volume is additionally superior onboard the Pilot, which delivers a standard 109.1 cubic feet of cargo capacity when the rear seats are lowered. The Explorer, in contrast, provides only 81.7 cubic feet of cargo room with the rear seats down.

Take a Cruise Onboard the Impressive Pilot

Drivers can further explore the various winning features of the roomy 2016 Honda Pilot at any Hampton Roads Honda Dealers location. Stop by any of our affiliated dealerships or contact us today to take the Pilot for a test drive!