Honda RidgelineWith seven trim levels to choose from, Honda’s latest truck already offers plenty of options, and the available 2017 Honda Ridgeline accessories let Hampton Roads drivers put on the finishing touches. Interior and exterior accessories prepare the Ridgeline for all of your day-to-day needs, whether work, family, or a fun day at Virginia Beach.

Our Favorite Ridgeline Accessories

There are so many interior and exterior 2017 Honda Ridgeline accessories that we’ve pared it down to a list of our favorites and why you should consider them for your truck:

  • Door Visors: Cut down on wind noise and deflect rain and snow, even with the windows down to let in fresh air.
  • Fender Flares: Larger fender flares give the body of the Ridgeline a bit of extra protection from the elements and offer a more aggressive look.
  • Hard Tonneau Cover: Protect your gear from prying eyes with this hard cover, shielding it from sunlight, weather, and the sand from a trip to Buckroe Beach.
  • Hood Air Deflector: This front-end accessory casts air upward as your Ridgeline bustles down the highway while also protecting the hood from debris.
  • Running Boards: We love the height of the Ridgeline, but not every passenger can comfortably hop up into the cab. Running boards make it easier for adults and kids alike to get in and out.
  • Kayak Attachment: The Ridgeline can fit quite a bit in its truck bed, but sometimes it’s easier to keep your everyday items in the bed and strap larger cargo like a kayak to the top.
  • Surfboard Attachment: The kayak attachment is engineered for a secure hold on a kayak, and the surfboard attachment lets you securely strap your board down until it’s time to hit the surf.
  • Bike Attachment: Available in roof-mount and trailer-hitch mount styles, the Ridgeline’s bike attachments make it easy to secure a bike for a long trip.
  • Skid Plate: If you’re planning to go off-road regularly, the available skid plate is ready to protect the underside of your vehicle from damage.
  • Splash Guards: Keep mud and debris from getting kicked up and marring the finish of your truck with a set of splash guards.
  • All Season Floor Mats: These easy-to-clean floor mats keep your carpet protected from mud, slush, and salt.
  • Seat Covers: These easy-to-wash seat covers protect the Ridgeline seating underneath and are essential for outdoorsy types and handymen.
  • Nose Mask: Keep the finish of your Ridgeline pristine and protect it from chipping paint with a nose mask.
  • In-Bed Trunk Cargo Dividers: Store work and weekend adventure gear in your truck bed while keeping it all separated and organized. Store beach clothes separate from tools or groceries.

Test Drive a Ridgeline

If you already drive a Ridgeline, many of these 2017 Honda Ridgeline accessories can be added on to fit your needs. If you don’t have Honda’s latest pickup, you can order it with any of these accessories today at a Hampton Roads Honda Dealer.