Honda OEM Parts Available Near You At Hampton Roads Honda Dealers

Published: 9-29-2022

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Honda OEM components are manufactured in the same facilities as your Honda vehicle and are engineered to meet the precise requirements of each Honda model. We have a large assortment of "Original Equipment Manufacturer" components for all models, including the Honda CR-V, Civic, and Accord, in Chesapeake VA.

Opting to use non-OEM parts as replacement options might cost less at the time of service but typically costs drivers more in the long run. Aftermarket parts produced outside of Honda don’t follow the precise specifications and measurements of each car, truck, and SUV we offer. As a result, they can lead to breakdowns and even cause further damage to a vehicle. When drivers use OEM parts, they receive reliable Honda quality, a precise fit no matter the model, and dependable service from the Hampton Roads Honda Dealers technicians.

Our inventory of parts and accessories can meet any vehicle’s needs, from replacing floor mats to installing new batteries. Below are some popular OEM replacements performed by our experienced technicians.=

  • Honda Batteries
  • Timing Belts
  • Oil Filters & Air Filters
  • Remote Key Fob
  • Brake Pads
  • Spark Plugs
  • Cargo Liners
  • Outside Mirrors
  • And more

We always recommend replacing damaged or aging parts at Hampton Roads Honda Dealers before the winter months arrive. The summer heat expedites wear and tear on vehicles, making them more susceptible to snow and wet road damage. Worn-out brake pads and aging batteries aren’t worth the risk.

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