2016 Honda Accord InteriorWhether you’re taking clients out to dinner or dropping the kids off at karate, you want to know that all of your passengers are comfortable and enjoying the ride. The Accord offers full-size space in a midsize package, with 103.2 cubic feet of interior volume at your disposal for passengers and gear. That’s more space than you’ll find in most midsize cars, and the Accord delivers an impressive interior that has room for everyone and everything. Let’s see how it stacks up against the competition:


With only 100 cubic feet of interior volume, you lose 3 whole cubic feet of space when you choose the Chevy Malibu over the Honda Accord. That’s enough space for two carry-on suitcases, or a small dorm-size refrigerator! Or how about the 97.5-cubic-foot passenger volume of the Subaru Impreza? With 5.7 fewer cubic feet of space than the Accord, it’s hard to imagine they’re even in the same class.

The Accord has plenty of room for your passengers as well as their cargo, so you can take that road trip or even head out to move-in day on campus and know that there’s room inside for everything you need.

If legroom is a priority, then you should probably steer clear of the Chrysler 200. The Honda Accord offers 38.5 inches of legroom for your passengers in back, almost an inch more than the 37.6 inches of legroom you’ll find in the rear seats of the Chrysler 200. And with 42.5 inches of legroom up front, your legs won’t feel fatigued after a long excursion.

And there’s more to passenger comfort than just stretching your legs; consider the way you and your passengers fit once you ease into your vehicle’s seats. If you’re looking at the Nissan Altima, you’ll find it has only 54 inches of hip room up front and 52.1 inches in back. If you want your rear passengers to enjoy 2.6 more inches of hip room, with an extra 1.6 inches for those up front, look no further than the roomy seats of the Honda Accord.

The same goes for the Toyota Camry. With just 54.5 inches of hip room, you and your front passenger will miss out on more than an inch of extra space that you could have had if you’d chosen the Honda Accord.

Now that your hips have some room to breathe, shake out your shoulders a bit. If you’re behind the wheel of the Honda Accord, you’ll have 58.6 inches of shoulder room for the driver and front passenger to relax into. Compare that to the 57.8 inches in the Ford Fusion or the 56.4 inches in the Altima, and you’ll see why the Accord offers the more comfortable ride.

When you look at the numbers you’ll find that the 2016 Honda Accord provides a spacious and inviting interior that has plenty of room for everything and everyone you need to transport.

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