What is the Honda CPO Program?

Published: 07-17-2023

Honda Dealers Blog Post

The Honda Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) program is designed to provide peace of mind and confidence to buyers interested in purchasing a used Honda vehicle. The Honda brand is known for its commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, and the CPO program is simply an extension of those values.

What is the CPO process?

When a Honda vehicle is selected for the CPO program, it undergoes a rigorous inspection process. Trained technicians thoroughly examine the vehicle's mechanical components, including the engine, transmission, brakes, and suspension, to ensure that they meet Honda's high standards. Any necessary repairs or replacements are made using genuine Honda parts.

All Cars are Covered

One of the standout features of the Honda CPO program is the comprehensive warranty coverage. Each certified pre-owned Honda comes with a limited powertrain warranty, which extends the original powertrain coverage to provide additional years and mileage protection. This warranty offers peace of mind, knowing that major powertrain components are covered in case of unexpected issues.

In addition to the powertrain warranty, the Honda CPO program also includes a limited warranty that covers a wide range of parts, such as the engine, transmission, drivetrain, steering, and electrical system. Plus, the limited warranty is transferable, which adds value if the vehicle is sold before the warranty expires.

Additional CPO Benefits for Drivers

Honda offers additional benefits with their CPO program. Buyers of certified pre-owned Honda vehicles receive a complimentary three-month trial subscription for satellite radio, allowing drivers to enjoy a wide variety of music, sports, news, and entertainment channels in their new (to them) car.

In addition, Honda provides a complimentary 90-day trial of HondaLink Assist, which includes features like automatic collision notification and emergency calling services.

Another benefit of the Honda CPO program is special financing options. Honda Financial Services offers competitive rates and flexible terms for certified pre-owned vehicles, making it easier for buyers to finance their purchases.

Honda’s CPO program also provides buyers with a detailed vehicle history report. This report includes important information, such as previous ownership, maintenance records, and any reported accidents, allowing buyers to make an informed decision when considering a CPO Honda.

Visit Hampton Roads Honda Dealers to Learn More

The Honda Certified Pre-Owned program combines the reliability and reputation of the Honda brand with the affordability of a pre-owned vehicle, ensuring that buyers can enjoy a quality driving experience with added peace of mind. To learn more about Honda’s CPO program, stop into your local Hampton Roads Honda Dealers to talk to our experts today.